Revitalize Your Practise with Yoga in Nature:

Outdoor Classes

Affordable Vinyasa Yoga: Elevate Your Fitness Journey. 


£5 suggested donation

Revitalize Your Practice:

Outdoor Vinyasa Yoga Classes for Nature-Lovers

Location: Leeds, LS11, Cross Flatts Park between The Bowling Green and Beeston Road

Schedule: every Saturday 10am

Price: £5 suggested contribution

Bring your own mat

Book with Monika: 07576113269

Experience the bliss of yoga like never before with our invigorating Outdoor Vinyasa Yoga Classes, where nature becomes your serene backdrop and the great outdoors serve as your yoga sanctuary. Step onto your mat beneath the open sky and let the natural world around you amplify the benefits of your practice.

Connect with Nature: Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of Mother Nature as you unroll your yoga mat in our outdoor studio. With the rustling leaves, chirping birds, and gentle breeze as your companions, you'll find a profound connection to the Earth that enhances your sense of presence and mindfulness.

Energize Your Breath: Harness the power of the elements as you focus on your breath in the fresh, open air. Our classes emphasize deep, intentional breathing that stimulates your energy flow and elevates your practice. Inhale the pure oxygen, and exhale stress and tension as you feel your vitality surge.

Calorie-Burning Flow: Our Vinyasa-based yoga practice ensures a dynamic, calorie-burning workout. Flow seamlessly from one posture to another, engaging your muscles and promoting flexibility. With options to intensify or modify poses, you can tailor the class to your own fitness level and preferences.

Oxygen Infusion: Delight in an oxygen-rich workout that not only revitalizes your body but also clears your mind. Each inhale fills your lungs with pristine outdoor air, infusing your body with energy and clarity, while each exhale releases any lingering negativity.

Elevate Your Energy: Experience the natural high that comes from outdoor yoga. As you sync your movements with the environment and bask in the sun's warmth, you'll find yourself reaching higher energy levels, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.

Customizable Challenge: Our classes are designed to be adaptable, offering a spectrum of options to suit your preferences. Whether you seek a challenging, invigorating session or a gentler, more meditative flow, our skilled instructors will guide you to find the perfect balance.

Cold Yoga! Who says wellness can't be cool... or rather, cold? So now, for the grand finale – the winter wonder of "Cold Yoga." Forget the Hot Yoga! We're talking about yoga in temperatures even your freezer would be impressed by! Join us for "Cold Yoga" all year round – it's like doing yoga inside a snow globe, minus the blizzard. I'll help you find your inner 'polar bear pose' and achieve a state of relaxation that'll have you saying, "Who needs a warm beach when you've got 'Cold Yoga'?" All this at a price that won't leave your wallet frostbitten. Embrace the chill, strike a pose, and let's have some icy, hilarious fun on the mat!