Yoga4Leeds Cranmore and Raylands Community Centre Yoga Class - South Leeds

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If you are looking for a physical vinyasa based practice that will focus on your body (temple of the soul) and give a compete full body toning you just found it!

Bringing body and mind into harmony

During my yoga sessions, I instruct movements that increase energy and blood flow.  Yoga4Leeds practice is for designed especially those seeking a physical workout. My classes focus on full body toning, increasing flexibility, and stimulating endorphin production - all to help you feel strong, fit, and happy. Join us to burn calories, get toned, and find your balance on the mat.

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From beginner to expert yoga classes, there is something for everyone. You will be guided through the options of yoga poses so you can customize your yoga experience to match your energy levels and goals. My sessions include a brief warm-up, followed by a dynamic 50-minute vinyasa-based yoga workout designed to tone your entire body. I seamlessly integrate exercises targeting legs, bums, and tums within yoga poses. After the workout, enjoy 5 minutes of relaxation or guided meditation. Throughout the session, we emphasize the importance of mindful breathing, harmonizing it with movements to optimize your energy flow.

Discover the Transformation

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and wellness through yoga. At Yoga4Leeds, I believe that yoga is not just a practice; it's a transformational experience. From the very first class, you'll notice a difference. Your body will thank you, and your mind will find peace.

One Class, a World of Change

Step onto the mat for just one class, and you'll already start to feel the positive effects. Your body will begin to awaken, tension will release, and you'll leave with a sense of calm and clarity.

Two Classes: The Beginning of Wellness

After just two classes, you'll notice a significant shift in your well-being. You'll feel better, both physically and mentally. Yoga's healing touch will start to work its magic, and you'll find yourself standing taller and moving with greater ease.

A Month of Dedication

With a month of regular practice, your transformation deepens. Your muscles become toned and strong, your flexibility improves, and you'll experience increased energy and vitality. Stress will become a thing of the past.

A Year of Commitment

Commit to a year of yoga with us, and watch your life change in remarkable ways. You'll become more resilient, centered, and confident. Stress will lose its grip on you, and you'll develop a sense of inner peace that radiates throughout your life.

Join Our Community

At Yofa4Leeds, we're more than just a standard yoga class; we're a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey towards health and happiness. Join us today and experience the transformation for yourself.

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey? Contact me to book your first class and start feeling the difference today!

Yoga4Leeds Cranmore and Raylands Community Centre Yoga Class - South Leeds


Funded yoga classes in Cranmore and Rayland Community Centre, Leeds, LS10, £1 contribution, mats provided, book on 07576113269

Yoga4Leeds yoga practice at Leeds2023 in City Square at Making a Stand


- Highly qualified yoga instructor with a master's degree in physical education.
- Extensive experience and years of practice in teaching yoga.
- Offers both one-off events and regular weekly classes in Leeds at affordable rates 

- book on 07576113269

Yoga4Leeds experienced yoga instructor in Yoga Pose


Every Saturday at 10am, Cross Flatts Park, LS11, Leeds LS11, Cross Flatts Park on the grass under the trees between Bowling green and Beeston Road, suggested donation £5, bring your own mat, book on 07576113269

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