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Outdoor yoga classes in South Leeds

Cross Flatts Park, LS11

£5 per session

FREE indoor yoga classes every Tuesday

Indoor Yoga4Leeds in South Leeds Beeston LS11 and Belle Isle LS10 - free yoga class
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Prices starting from £5 only

Yoga4Leeds Flow is only £5 per class paid in advance through PayPal or on the day in cash. To book or request PayPal link texting Monika on 07576113269. 

All levels, genders and ages

If you are looking for a perfect, well balanced yoga class that is athletic and focused on getting fit and toned you have just found it! Yoga4Leeds routine allows students to make it a challenging practice if you choose more challanging options of yoga poses through which you are guided throughout the practice. Beginners can choose easier version as options are given so the routine is at the same time suitable for all ages (over 12), all abilities (with some basic level of fitness) and all genders. If you decide to bring a child with you under 12 you welcome to do so if you find your child is interested in yoga and can last an hour exercising. The child will need to be accompanied by responsible adult.

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Philosophy of Yoga4Leeds
Yoga4Leeds is looking after the body. We should treat our body as a temple in which our soul, our true SELF resides in. Looking after the body is the first step to looking after the soul. Yoga means union of body and soul.
By practising yoga we can continuously learn how to listen to our body and follow our intuition. When our physical body is looked after and our energy centres are unblocked through practising yoga, we can focus on our spiritual life and mindfulness. We can learn how to live in the moment, enjoy the NOW and take the most of life and enjoy simple little things of everyday life. Yoga makes us happier, healthier and helps to ease anxiety and tension. Practising yoga helps us "inhale" the positive and "exhale" the negative. It gives you the feeling of self-confidence satisfaction and fulfilment. If you have passion to yoga you should try our Yoga4Leeds class. Hope to see you on the mat! NAMASTE

Yoga4Leeds Flow - Vinyasa and Ashtanga
Our all levels yoga class routine is a fusion of vinyasa and ashtanga styles with 10 minutes of extra toning blended into vinyasa sequences and ashtanga poses, creating an original and unique flow. You will build your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The class is designed to tone your body and also helps with losing weight. The benefits of yoga are massive. It not only tones your muscles but also actively stimulates your internal organs promoting their health. As you learn to become more in tune with your own body and become familiar with it, you can find yourself more able to recognize possible yoga alignments. If you are new to yoga you will be able to recognise it within several classes and your body will feel different after you start practising. If you are passionate about yoga see you on the mat!