Leeds City Centre LS1 & Beeston LS11
Yoga4Leeds offers yoga classes in Leeds in three city locations. You can join our yoga class in the heart of the City Centre LS1 or in two other venues in South Leeds, LS11. Both the South Leeds locations have free car parking. Please check our locations and current timetable here.

Take advantage of our offer of £5 per 1 hour yoga or yogalates class and £4 per 40min yoga class. Please book at least 24h before the class to reserve space and yoga mat. If you plan to practise regularly take our introductory offer of unlimited Yoga4Leeds for £25 for the first month!  To take adventage of this offer simply go to menu selection "Book" and let us know by sending a message from our contact form. You can also text Monika on 07576113269, or message on FB. 

All levels

If you are looking for a perfect well balanced yoga class that is challenging and suitable for all ages, genders and abilities with some basic level of fitness,  you don't need to look any more. If you are a beginner or an experienced yogi you will be able to fully benefit from the practise. You will choose and be guided through various levels of yoga poses so you can decide on the right level for yourself. 

Free car park in LS11

There is a free car park in LS11 - at premises of St Anthony's Hall and 2 free car parks opposite St Mary's Church: one outside the Co-op supermarket and another one outside Beeston Village Surgery.

Philosophy of Yoga4Leeds
Yoga4Leeds is looking after the body. We should treat our body as a temple in which our soul, our true SELF resides in. Looking after the body is the first step to looking after the soul. Yoga means union of body and soul.
By practising yoga we can continuously learn how to listen to our body and follow our intuition. When our physical body is looked after and our energy centres are unblocked through practising yoga, we can focus on our spiritual life and mindfulness. We can learn how to live in the moment, enjoy the NOW and take the most of life and enjoy simple little things of everyday life. Yoga makes us happier, healthier and helps to ease anxiety and tension. Practising yoga helps us "inhale" the positive and "exhale" the negative. It gives you the feeling of self-confidence satisfaction and fulfilment. If you have passion to yoga you should try our Yoga4Leeds class. Hope to see you on the mat! NAMASTE

Yoga4Leeds Flow - Vinyasa and Ashtanga
Our all levels yoga class routine is a fusion of vinyasa and ashtanga styles with 10 minutes of extra toning blended into vinyasa sequences and ashtanga poses, creating an original and unique flow. You will build your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The class is designed to tone your body and also helps with losing weight. The benefits of yoga are massive. It not only tones your muscles but also actively stimulates your internal organs promoting their health. As you learn to become more in tune with your own body and become familiar with it, you can find yourself more able to recognize possible yoga alignments. If you are new to yoga you will be able to recognise it within several classes and your body will feel different after you start practising. If you are passionate about yoga see you on the mat!

NEW*** Yogalates by Yoga4Leeds
Look out for info and new class by Yoga4Leeds coming soon in 2020. Yogalates is a mixture of Yoga and Pilates in one practise - a great way to complete your weekly routine. Pilates mats are provided. The class is going to focus on posture balance, strength and flexibility. It is a low impact workout using body weight resistance. The benefits of yogalates are: increasing health, quality of life and decreasing joint pain. Yogalates allows you to practice and improve your very own limits; you can push and stretch your body to your own personal level.
Working with your own limits is at the heart of both Yoga4Leeds and Yogalates. Everyone has different strengths, needs and bone structure. The poses can always be adapted to the individual and you will be guided through the options.

NEW*** 5 weeks Yoga Beginners Course
Look out for more info coming soon on new beginners yoga course in Leeds City Centre starting in 2020 leading to regular all levels Yoga4Leeds yoga practise. If you are a beginner you can also start straight away with regular Yoga4Leeeds yoga or yogalates routine as you will be guided through options to choose from so you can find your level. Beginners class will focusing more on easier options of yoga poses before gradually adding varieties. so you can choose your own variety depending on your needs, flexibility or bone structure. At the end of the course you may wish to challenge yourself and work towards more challenging option or just stay with an easier one. Both ways are perfectly fine. Everyone is different, has different needs, bone structure and flexibility. You just need to follow your intuition and listen to your body. Be kind to yourself. "Yoga is not about touching your toes… it’s about what you learn on the way down."

Yoga4Leeds for Body and Soul
The class consists of 55 mins of vinyasa and ashtanga fusion with extra elements of toning and 5 min of relaxation/guided meditation at the end. This is the moment when your mind is opened to absorb the message at the end of the practise. If your mind wanders off - don't worry, just send love to this feeling, it's human and natural for the mind to wander off. Yoga is not about the destination but about what we learn on the journey. Feel free to send me your link to your choice of 5 min guided meditation that you would like to share with others at the end of practise from "Book Now" top menu, through FB or by text Monika on 07576113269.

Yoga4Leeds for Community

Look out for info in summer 2020 on Free yoga class at Beeston Festival in Cross Flatts Park Leeds LS11

Yoga4Leeds at Sport Fringe Festival  

Look out for info in summer 2020 for free yoga class supporting LGBT+ community