Yoga4Leeds classes 

Who is it designed for?

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga4Leeds is offering yoga classes in Leeds city centre and South Leeds LS11.

Yoga4Leeds is designed for all ages, abilities, fitness level and genders. Everyone is welcome to join! 



Yoga4Leeds is a mixture of different yoga styles, (mostly Vinyasa and Ashtanga) with an extra portion of cardio and toning exercise creating natural and unique flow. 




Yoga4Leeds is about union of body and mind. By realising the benefits of yoga and bringing your awareness to the present moment, you "inhale the good" as well as "exhale the bad" by relaxing, letting go, releasing tension, depression and anxiety. You also get toned and fit! 


The class is designed to give a broad range of options depending upon your fitness level, flexibility, strength, bone structure of just the way you feel on the day. Everyone, starting from beginners to  yoga masters, should benefit from the class.

People who do yoga are happy :) If you are looking for happiness in your life you are definitely looking for yoga!! :D 

Share your passion for this beautiful ancient practise with Yoga4Leeds

Namaste <3 

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