Monika Sienkiewicz 

Yoga4Leeds Flow & Yogalates instructor 

My body first.

If you don't listen and take care of your body. You will make your life much harder than it has to be. You the soul will always be stopped and not be able to reach your full life potential.
We forget the importance of the body because we always see it as oneself. We forget that in fact that we are only its partner, and a temporary resident.
The body is also your partner and guide. Translating our life plan and showing us the way.
We are all equipped with the right tools, the right people to handle and discover any lessons on the road of life.
When you listen to your body you will hear the wisdom from within from both body and soul. You will be aware and see all the important people good or bad that comes in and out of your life. You will understand that they are there for a reason.
We are all both teachers and students helping each other gaining the wisdom towards the ultimate goal. Perfect love.