Hire Yoga4Leeds Istructor

Monika Sienkiewicz, Yoga4Leeds instructor


(Master Degree at Academy of Physical Education - Poland, fitness instructor's licence - Poland, Less Mills Body Pump and Body Combat licence - Cyprus)

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£40 per hour

(please still get in touch if you secure different funding)

My body first

If you listen and take care of your body, you will make your life much easier and more abundant. You, the soul, will always be closer to reaching your full potential and use your talents.

We should always remember the importance of the body. We are its partner, a temporary resident.

Our souls forms a union with the body. Our body is like its temple.

Yoga means union of the body and the soul. Yoga4Leeds philosophy is focused on keeping our body toned and fit. The routine is based mostly on vinyasa, the most athletic yoga style. The benefits are massive!

The body is also our guide and teacher showing us its possibilities but also its limitations. We should always listen to it. We are equiped with the right tools to doscover any lesson on the road of life.

When you look after, and listen to your body, you will hear the wisdom from within, from both, body and soul. You will be aware and see all important events, people, feelings, emotions - good or bad, that come in, and out, of your life. You will understand that they are there for a reason, bringing you abundance and lessons. 

We are bot teachers and students healping each other gaining the wisdom towards the ultimate goal.

Perfect LOVE. 

Namaste and see you on the mat!