Yoga4Leeds online

is going to restart in the even of another lockdown.

 You can book it by texting Monika to 075762113269, through FB or by email from the "Contact" menu selection tab. Classes are £5, paid in advance by PayPal from the link above. Yoga4Leeds is designed to all abilities with some basic level of fitness and you will be guided through the options of difficulty of yoga poses so everyone starting with begginners to experienced yogis benefits from the practice. 

Enjoy an hour of buildiing strength, flexibility, balance and endurance from your living room.

<3 Namaste <3

Once the pandemic is over and we can gather again safely indoors, Yoga4Leeds is going to restart regular classes in the previous locations: LS1 (Mill Hill Chapel) and LS11 (St Mary's Church).

Keep active at home and outdoor, practise yoga and let your body be your teacher. Your body is your best guide, it knows your strength and your limitations.


Breath connects your body to your spirit.

Stay positive. 

See you in front of your devices at Yoga4Leeds online

Namaste x